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Carpet & Upholstery & Hard Surface Cleaning

Carpet5 Good Reasons to Clean Your Carpet:

  • Create a clean, healthy environment for your family
  • Extend your carpet's life
  • Effectively remove soils, dust mites, pet odors, pollutants, and allergens
  • Save time, money and stress
  • Experience fast drying time

Professional Experience:
We use the industry’s best Butler System truck-mounted equipment to clean carpet and upholstery.  At your home or business, we will first customize your cleaning needs by examining your carpet and upholstery fabric.  Different fabrics require different cleaning approaches.  We will pre-spray and deep steam-clean.  Our restorative cleaning removes soils, dust mites, pet odors, urine, inks, pollutants, and allergens.  We also specialize in the removal of Kool-Aid and pet spots.  You can walk on and enjoy fresh, clean carpet that typically dries in 1-4 hrs.

Protect Your Investment:
Carpet manufacturers suggest professionally steam cleaning your carpet every 12-18 months to retain its luster and filtering ability while extending its life.  We can also help you extend the life of your carpet by applying a carpet protectant, to help your carpet resist soil and spot residues.  Our restorative method leaves your carpet soft to the touch.  Let us bring your carpet back to life!

UpholsteryDo-It-Yourself Spot Removal:
We offer a full range of spot removal products that you can purchase at a reasonable price.  These products will help to remove spots from juice and dyes, coffee and tea, pet spots and odors, and gum, tar, and grease.   This helps you maintain the quality of your carpet and upholstery in between your regular professional carpet cleanings.

Hard Surface Cleaning:

We also specialize in the cleaning of hard surfaces and tile and grout.  We remove ugly residue build-up on these surfaces and leave them clean and bright.  New construction often leaves behind materials such as sheetrock dust and plaster mud (see photos below). We will clean it to improve air quality and create the best surface before carpet, vinyl, tile, stone, or wood flooring is laid down. 


         Before--construction debris on floor                                   After--CLEAN to the EXTREME!

We Can Help You:
Call us or email us today for a free estimate and to schedule a cleaning.  Just tell us the size of the area you want cleaned, and we will promptly provide personal service to help meet your needs.  We want to help you protect your carpet and upholstery investment!










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