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Water Damage Restoration

Help is On the Way:

We know water damage is an emergency! 

After tragedy strikes, you deserve:

  • A quick response--We respond to your call immediately and strive to be there in 2 hours or less.
  • Quality work—Our trained technicians are dedicated to provide excellent service.
  • Fast service—Our team-based approach gets the restoration done quickly.
  • Reduced stress—We work directly with insurance adjusters, using insurance-approved "Xactimate" software for consistent pricing and quicker fund turn-around.
  • A smile—Our friendly and helpful team is ready to answer questions and lend support.


Water Damage Categories:

There are three different categories of water damage that call for various methods of cleaning and drying:

  • Category 1—Fresh water.
  • Category 2—Gray water.  (Contains some type of chemical or bio-pollutant, such as overflow from toilet (no feces), dishwasher or clothes washer.)
  • Category 3—Black water.  (Contains pathogenic agents such as ground water run-off and sewage.)

The Science Behind Water Damage:

Humidity level and temperature play a very important role in the speediness of structural drying.  We use special tools, instruments, and technologies to assess damages and assure dryness.  A visually dry surface doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a truly dry surface.  There may be water within building materials that if left wet can cause mold development and decrease indoor air quality.  We use the most advanced equipment to detect moisture and pinpoint areas of water ingress, such as the FLIR thermal imaging camera, pictured below.

FLIROur Services:
Our restoration service is a six-step process: 

  • Inspection and Assessment
  • Water Removal
  • Anti-Microbial Application
  • Drying: Air Movement
  • Drying: Dehumidifying
  • Drying: Monitoring

By having the right equipment, and understanding the principles involved in the water damage restoration process, we reduce typical drying times, thereby saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars.   


Our services include content manipulation, content and surface area cleaning, demolition and removal of contaminated materials and objects, and rental and monitoring of drying equipment.  In cases of extreme water damage, such as water-soaked insulation, sheetrock, and flooring, we provide demolition services to remove the damaged material.  In other cases where damage is less, materials are dried and salvaged using high-tech drying equipment, saving time and money


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